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A new approach to eyecareCoastal Eye’s focus is your vision

At Coastal Eye, our experts have years of experience in helping patients achieve clearer vision. Our team is well-versed in various treatments, ensuring that patients get exactly the treatments that they need in a timely manner. From the consultation through to the recovery process, we guide our patients, allowing them to move forward comfortably and confidently. 

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Laser Cataract Surgery

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Custom Vision Correction

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Floater Removal

welcome to our practiceClarity. Vision. Expert Care.

Our practice has proudly served patients from all over New England and the Tri-State area. We pride ourselves on providing only the most innovative and up-to-date procedures available, granting our patients the gift of clear vision. We are world renowned for being at the leading edge of ophthalmic procedures. Among our many firsts, we were also first in Connecticut to implant the new Bausch and Lomb Apthera IC-8 Intraocular Lens and first in Connecticut with the new LensAR Ally Femtosecond Cataract Laser Platform.

First in the Worldto pioneer Retina Surgery in an Office Surgery Center

First in the Worldto implant the Genentech SUSVIMO sustained release Port Delivery System in the office

First in Connecticutwith Cataract Surgery in an Office Surgery Center

First in Connecticutto implant the new Zeiss Optic CT Lucia 621 Intraocular Lens

Zeiss device

our partner in technologyCoastal Eye is nationally recognized by Zeiss, the leading manufacturer of precision optics.

ZEISS stands as a pioneering force on the global stage, known for its excellence in optics and optoelectronics. Beyond its distinction as one of the foremost manufacturers of consumer and enterprise-grade lenses and ophthalmic instruments worldwide, ZEISS goes above and beyond by spearheading the development, production, and distribution of cutting-edge medical technology solutions. In ophthalmology and microsurgery, ZEISS continues to revolutionize the landscape, delivering highly innovative solutions for diagnostics and treatment and cementing its status as a leader in the field. Coastal Eye is proud to be a Zeiss Partner.

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patient testimonialsHear what our clients have to say...

I was impressed by the warmth and efficiency of the staff at Coastal Eye. They paid great attention to hygiene and explained every step of my treatment clearly and professionally. I will happily return there for my follow-up appointment in July and would defin...


This was my first time visiting CCS. The professionals at the front desk welcomed me with a smile, gave me eye to eye contact displaying genuine concern regarding my appointment. The doctor's medical expertise was mind boggling to me and she took the time to e...

Barbara Murray

I am a new patient at Coastal Eye. The experience was terrific from start to finish. I LOVED being able to make AND confirm my appointment online on a Sunday evening. Everyone is super professional and caring. I'm so glad my GP recommended them!

Marta Stroll

I'm so grateful for the genuine level of professional care given to me by the entire staff at Coastal Eye. Truly, their commitment to patient care and empathy shows throughout, from front desk personnel, to the technicians, and with the surgical staff. I can't...

Eric Howe

I’ve been dealing with floaters for many years. Dr. Shakir and his team were able to effectively remove the floaters from both eyes. I can’t thank them enough for giving back the quality of life I’ve been missing for so long. Their office is fantastic and I wo...

C Kim

The moment you step into the door you are greeted with the bigest and wormest welcome smile and hello. I am always well receive by the staff and attend to with care and kindness. Dr Shakir is simply 'the best' I am happy and satisfied with the result of my su...

Suzanne Jeffers

Doctor Shakir is very well trained, extremely intelligent and most competent….and very nice, which is an added benefit. Would highly recommend him and planning to hv cataract surgery with him, as well. His staff was also very nice and competent. Office is cle...

Kim Sands

meet the doctorDr. Omar Shakir, MD, MBA

Dr. Omar Shakir MD, MBA is a distinguished board-certified and Yale fellowship-trained ophthalmologist boasting an incredible track record for success in the field of eye care. At Coastal Eye, situated in vibrant Greenwich, Connecticut, Dr. Shakir serves as a beacon of surgical eye care for patients all over, and especially locally in Fairfield County (CT), Westchester County (NY), New York City, and the surrounding areas. With an unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements, Dr. Shakir employs the latest technologies and cutting-edge techniques, epitomizing his commitment to providing unparalleled quality care to his esteemed patients.

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laser cataract surgeryExperience the gift of revitalized vision

Laser cataract surgery is a procedure that involves using a laser to extract a cloudy lens and subsequently replaces it with an artificial prescription lens, helping to restore clear vision. In decades past, the only way to carry out cataract surgery was manually with a scalpel. Technological advancements in laser surgery have enabled top-tier eye doctors like Dr. Shakir to achieve incredibly accurate results. Patients who undergo laser cataract surgery experience incredible improvements in their vision. 

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"I can think of no greater honor than to be trusted in restoring your vision. In my view, I am giving you back the life and freedom you deserve."

Dr. ShakirFounder & Owner of Coastal EyeRead more in Dr. Shakir's Open Letter to his Patients

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Floater RemovalSee clear again with a floater removal procedure

Discover the transformative power of small gauge topical vitrectomy, also known as floater removal—an advanced, minimally-invasive procedure designed to permanently alleviate the burden of floaters and their accompanying visual disturbances. This pain-free outpatient procedure, conducted under local anesthesia, takes minutes and effectively targets and eliminates both floaters and vitreous debris. Patients plagued by the challenges of chronic floaters and the subsequent changes in their vision need not endure any longer. With expertise honed through countless successful interventions, the esteemed team at Coastal Eye is well-equipped to address this prevalent concern, working diligently to restore optimal clarity and visual harmony to the eyes of their valued patients.

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Custom Lens ReplacementExperience renewed sight with custom lens replacement

Experience a revolution in vision correction with Custom Lens Replacement, also referred to as refractive lens exchange (RLE). This groundbreaking procedure involves the substitution of the eye's natural lens with a cutting-edge, transparent lens. With remarkable technological advancements at its core, RLE effectively addresses a wide range of refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. By minimizing or even eliminating the reliance on reading glasses and bifocals, this procedure empowers individuals to embrace a life of visual freedom. Furthermore, Custom Lens Replacement proactively prevents the development of future cataracts.

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out of town patientsFlying in for Surgery

While we are a staple in our beloved community of Greenwich, CT, we are no strangers to out-of-town patients. Beyond those who come into our offices from the Tri-state area, we welcome patients from all over the world to benefit from our top-class services. Out-of-town patients can enjoy our city’s many attractions, including famous Greenwich Avenue with some of the best restaurants in the region, beautiful hiking at Greenwich Audubon, incredible art galleries, prestigious golf courses, and more! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you plan out your itinerary during your stay in our lovely city.

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