Coastal Eye: First to Offer Light Adjustable Lens +™ in Connecticut

Coastal Eye, the leading cataract surgery center in the area, is excited to share that we will be the first in the region to offer our patients the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens® (LAL).

This state-of-the-art technology is a game-changer for cataract patients. Unlike traditional intraocular lens implants, the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens allows ophthalmologists to customize a patient’s vision after cataract surgery, providing even more precise vision than ever before.

Cataract surgery is incredibly common, with about half of Americans developing cataracts by age 75. These pesky cataracts cause hazy or cloudy vision as the proteins and fibers in the eye’s natural lens break down. The only way to fix this is through surgery, during which the natural lens is replaced with a synthetic one.

Until now, our surgeons had to rely on pre-surgery measurements to determine a patient’s post-operative prescription power. But with the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens, they can now customize vision after surgery. Studies have shown that patients receiving the LAL and the recommended post-surgery treatments are more likely to achieve 20/20 vision or better without glasses than those with standard lens implants.

The LAL is made of a unique material that can be adjusted post-surgery using the RxSight Light Delivery Device to deliver targeted ultraviolet light treatments. This means that the lens can be tailored to meet each patient’s unique lifestyle and needs, correcting for small variations in healing and providing customized vision for their specific eyes.

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Superior Vision Outcomes

Discover the unparalleled excellence of the Light Adjustable Lens, a revolutionary step in vision correction technology. With the Light Adjustable Lens, you're not just receiving treatment; you're gaining the extraordinary power to tailor and perfect your vision according to your unique needs and desires. Imagine the confidence of previewing and selecting your vision outcomes, a transformative experience that traditional IOLs cannot offer. In a landmark clinical study, an astounding majority of patients who chose the Light Adjustable Lens achieved crystal-clear 20/20 vision or better within six months, and remarkably, without the dependency on glasses. This isn't just an improvement; it's a monumental leap in how we approach vision correction, promising an unprecedented level of clarity and satisfaction in your daily life. Embrace this cutting-edge technology and turn the dream of perfect vision into your reality.

Light Adjustable Lens Benefits

  • First and Only Adjustable IOL: The Light Adjustable Lens is the pioneer in allowing your physician to customize your vision after cataract surgery.
  • Enhanced Vision: Patients who received the Light Adjustable Lens were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision at six months without glasses compared to those with a standard monofocal IOL.
  • Same Surgical Procedure: The cataract removal and IOL implantation procedure remain consistent with non-adjustable IOLs.
  • Photosensitive Material: Made of a special photosensitive material, the lens adapts to ultraviolet (UV) light, enabling precise adjustments.
  • Preview and Compare: You can preview and compare potential vision outcomes based on your preferences and lifestyle requirements.
  • Painless Light Treatments: Customization is achieved through painless, non-invasive light treatments that last approximately 90 seconds.
  • UV Protective Glasses: Special UV protective glasses are provided and must be worn during waking hours to safeguard the adjustment process.
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What Happens During the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens® (LAL) Procedure

During the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) procedure, the patient undergoes cataract surgery, during which the clouded natural lens is removed and replaced with the LAL. The additional step of post-operative vision customization sets the LAL procedure apart. After the initial lens implantation, the patient receives targeted ultraviolet light treatments to adjust the lens. This process allows for fine-tuning of the lens power to achieve the desired vision correction.

The adjustment of the LAL is performed using the RxSight Light Delivery Device, which delivers targeted ultraviolet light to the lens, causing a chemical reaction that changes the lens power. 

The patient's vision is carefully assessed and measured during these adjustments to ensure that the desired vision outcome is achieved.

This ability to customize the lens power post-surgery sets the LAL procedure apart from traditional lens implants, offering patients the potential for enhanced vision tailored to their specific needs and lifestyles. After the adjustments are completed, patients can enjoy the benefits of a customized vision experience, potentially reducing their reliance on glasses or contact lenses for clear vision.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Candidacy for the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is determined based on several factors:

  • Patients who are considering cataract surgery and are seeking a more customized vision correction experience may be potential candidates for the LAL.
  • Additionally, individuals who desire greater precision in their post-operative vision and are open to the possibility of receiving targeted ultraviolet light treatments to adjust their lens may also be suitable candidates for the LAL.
  • Patients who have a strong preference for reducing their reliance on glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery and are willing to undergo the additional steps involved in the adjustment process may find the LAL to be a suitable option.
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Recovery & Aftercare

Recovering from the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) procedure typically involves a relatively straightforward post-operative period:

  • Patients may experience some mild discomfort, light sensitivity, or temporary vision fluctuations in the immediate days following the surgery, but these effects are generally minimal and tend to resolve quickly.
  • It is common for patients to be able to resume their normal daily activities, such as reading and using electronic devices, within a short period after the procedure.
  • Following the LAL procedure, patients will attend follow-up appointments to monitor their healing progress and assess their visual outcomes.
  • During these visits, any necessary adjustments to the lens power can be made using the RxSight Light.
  • Delivery Device to optimize the patient's vision further.
  • Patients will receive guidance on post-operative care, including using prescribed eye drops and any activity restrictions, to support the healing process and ensure the best possible visual results.
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The Importance of UV Protective Glasses

Ensuring the success of the Light Adjustable Lens requires a commitment to protecting your eyes from UV light exposure during the customization period. Special UV protective glasses, provided by RxSight, become your constant companions. These glasses are essential to prevent uncontrolled changes to the Light Adjustable Lens until all light treatments are completed.

Wear the clear pair indoors and the tinted pair in bright sunlight conditions. While you may temporarily remove them for activities like showering, washing your face, or applying eye drops, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided during these moments.

Remember, unprotected exposure to UV light during this crucial period could lead to unpredictable changes in the Light Adjustable Lens, potentially necessitating its removal. Your diligence in wearing the UV protective glasses ensures a smooth and successful customization process.

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Experience the Vision Revolution at Coastal Eye

The RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens offers a paradigm shift in cataract surgery outcomes. It empowers you to actively participate in tailoring your vision, providing superior outcomes compared to traditional IOLs. The customization journey, facilitated by painless light treatments and supported by UV protective glasses, signifies a new era in post-cataract surgery vision correction.

At Coastal Eye, we are proud to be at the forefront of this vision revolution. Dr. Shakir and our dedicated team specialize in the Light Adjustable Lens procedure, ensuring that every patient receives the highest level of care and support throughout their journey. If you're ready to embrace a new standard in vision correction, contact Coastal Eye today to explore the transformative possibilities of the RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens. Your personalized vision experience awaits!

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