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Floaters In NYC Looking for a solution for your Floaters?

Floaters, which look like specks, dots, circles, lines, or cobwebs in your vision, can be very annoying. They are usually harmless, but in some cases, floaters can be a sign of a serious problem. Floaters are frequently troublesome enough to impact the quality of the vision seriously.  If you’re concerned about floaters, experienced ophthalmologist Omar Shakir, MD, MBA, can help at Coastal Eye Surgeons. Dr. Shakir provides in-office treatment to remove floaters and can help guide your decision. The experience to remove floaters is pain-free, quick, and extremely effective. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and most often is covered by your insurance. Dr. Shakir is the only surgeon in the United States to be able to offer a permanent solution for floaters in the office without having to use IV anesthesia or deeper sedation. To schedule an appointment, call the office to speak with a team member or use the online booking tool.

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Floaters FAQ

What Are Floaters?

What causes Floaters?

Do my floaters need treatment?

What Are Floaters?

Floaters refer to the black or grey dots, strings, specks, and other shadowy shapes that appear in your field of vision. They move around as you move your eyes, seem to rush away every time you try looking at them and are more noticeable when you look at a blank bright surface like a white wall or clear blue sky. Though floaters appear to be in front of your eyes, they’re actually inside your eye. They’re made up of microscopic bits of vitreous gel — the clear substance that fills the space between the lens and retina of your eyes. These pieces of vitreous gel consolidate and cast shadows on your retina.

What causes Floaters?

Floaters are usually a normal part of aging. The vitreous gel in your eye has a jelly-like consistency. As you get older, the fibers in your vitreous shrink and become stringy, leading to floaters. The pieces of vitreous tend to coagulate and consolidate as well. Though rare, floaters are sometimes the result of a more serious eye condition, including:

  • Inflection
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding in the eye resulting from diabetes, high blood pressure, or injury
  • Retinal tears or detachment
  • Complications of eye surgeries, including cataract surgery
  • Floaters are more likely to affect you if you’re age 50 or older and if you’re nearsighted (myopic).

Do my floaters need treatment?

Most cases of floaters are harmless. Though you may find them annoying, most people get used to them. Even though they don’t go away, it’s common for floaters to move to the bottom of your eye, below your line of sight, so they’re not as noticeable. Sometimes, floaters become dense enough to interfere with your vision, a condition known as vitreous degeneration. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with floaters. If you’re having trouble seeing, Dr. Shakir is the only ophthalmologist in the country who performs IV-free in-office surgical floater removal. It is a permanent solution to your floaters. Your insurance may be able to cover floater removal, so don’t avoid treatment if you are concerned about finances. The team at Coastal Eye Surgeons works hard to get you coverage. In cases where there is no coverage, we are happy to help you finance your investment. Seek treatment right away if there’s been a sudden increase in the number of floaters you’re experiencing. If your floaters also accompany pain, difficulty seeing, or flashes of light, they may be a sign of a serious problem including a retinal detachment. Retinal detachment requires urgent treatment to prevent vision loss.

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Looking for an Ophthalmologist in New York?

Are you experiencing issues with your eyesight or vision? Have your symptoms started to ignite widespread frustration in your life? Are you in desperate need of an eye doctor New York residents approve of? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. At Coastal Eye Surgeons, we provide a wide range of specialized eye care services to ensure our patients live a happy and healthy life. We use state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to diagnose and treat any eye or vision problem you’re experiencing. Book an appointment with us today to discuss the various treatment options available to you and your family. We can’t wait to help you find a little more comfort in your day-to-day life.

Signs You Need a New York Eye Doctor

Your eyes are equipped with a natural lens that provides nearly one-third of the eye’s total optical power. While some people never experience any issues with their natural lens, other people might experience clouding of the lens in their eye -- this is called a cataract.

Living with cataracts can be difficult for many. Not only does it result in blurred vision, but individuals living with cataracts experience cloudy vision, glares, halos, color changes, double-vision, and changes in perception. While glasses provide temporary relief in some cases, the cataracts often worsen over time.

That’s where Coastal Eye Surgeons is dedicated to bringing some light to your situation. We not only offer the most high-tech laser cataract surgery CT has to offer, but we provide a boutique and trendy environment for a more comfortable experience. We’re proud to be one of Connecticut’s finest Ophthalmology offices and can’t wait to welcome you to our family!

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Signs You Need a New York Eye Doctor

Visiting your ophthalmologist for a regular eye exam is always a good habit to practice, whether you’re experiencing issues or not. They can help monitor your eye health and ensure you’re receiving the proper treatment to preserve your vision long-term. To ensure everyone receives the proper care at the right time, here’s a look at some of the most prominent signs and symptoms that you need to visit your New York eye doctor:

  • Experiencing a sudden loss of sight including blurred vision, blind spots, tunnel vision, and double vision. This could indicate retinal detachment or closed-angle glaucoma.
  • Eye pain that’s either extremely intense or ongoing, which could indicate corneal abrasion, infection, inflammation, or closed-angle glaucoma.
  • Intense or constant itching or burning of the eyes, which could indicate allergies. While most allergies can be treated with at-home medication, more severe cases require doctor-prescribed eye drops.
  • Flashing lights that appear in one spot or several spots across your normal field of vision, which could indicate retinal detachment or ocular migraines. Either way, medical attention is needed.
  • Tiny black and gray spots in your vision that either resemble a speck or a string that drift across your field of vision. These are called floaters and can be removed by a trained ophthalmologist.
  • Sensitivity to light and constant glaring in the eyes could be a sign of cataracts, an ocular migraine, or inflammation. Your eye doctor will find the proper diagnosis and treatment for your condition.

No one should have to live with these types of vision problems and everyone should have access to the best eye doctor New York has to offer. At Coastal Eye Surgeons, Dr. Shakir and his team make that a reality for you and your family, that way you can lead a happier and healthier life.

Meet Dr. Omar Shakir, MD MBA

You’re not going to find another eye doctor in New York with the level of passion and dedication that Dr. Omar Shakir, MD MBA has. With over a half-decade of experience in ophthalmology, Dr. Shakir brings a modern approach to his eye care practice -- something you don’t see much of today.

Specializing in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery, Dr. Shakir has accomplished a lot in the field of ophthalmology. He received his Doctor of Medicine from Albany Medical College, completed an internship at Johns Hopkins University, a residency at the University of Florida, and a fellowship at Yale University -- where he’s also a Clinical Instructor.

He brings all of that experience to Coastal Eye Surgeons, an ophthalmology practice Dr. Shakir founded in 2017. His boutique, trendy, and unique environment allows for a memorable experience for all patients, whether they’re interested in a comprehensive eye exam or need surgery to repair a vision problem.

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Coastal Eye Surgeons is your go-to eye doctor in the New York area. We provide a friendly service that no other eye care office can match. Dr. Shakir and his team take the time to understand each patient’s needs and desires, ensuring a life-changing encounter. Dr. Shakir’s comprehensive eye exam helps detect eye disease, potential eye damage, refractions, prescriptions for glasses or contacts, and checking eye pressure. If any issues are found, Dr. Shakir uses highly-advanced technology to treat the disease and bring joy to his patient’s faces. If you’re ready to meet your friendly community eye care expert, contact Coastal Eye Surgeons today. We can’t wait to meet you and prove our value to you and your family.

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