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At Coastal Eye in Greenwich, Connecticut, experienced ophthalmologist Omar Shakir, MD, MBA, offers personalized treatment for eye allergies, including allergy tests, so you don't have to guess what's causing your symptoms. Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an allergy test. Other services include comprehensive eye exams and more.

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What are eye allergies?

When you have an allergy, your body overreacts to substances in your environment that are generally harmless. Allergic reactions mean your immune system is trying to destroy the foreign substance to protect you. This results in swelling, inflammation, and other bothersome symptoms. 

Eye allergies can occur at any age and can be activated by many types of allergens. The symptoms of eye allergies can be uncomfortable and interfere with day-to-day activities such as reading, driving, or working on a computer. If left untreated, eye allergies can also lead to other more serious complications, such as infections or vision problems.

Symptoms of eye allergies

When you hear about allergies, you may think of nasal symptoms. You usually have nasal symptoms at the same time as eye symptoms. Allergies can indeed cause sneezing, runny nose, and congestion, but they can also affect your eyes, and it’s possible to have eye symptoms independently. Eye symptoms don’t just happen when your eyes come into direct contact with allergens. They may be part of your body’s natural response to just about any allergen, including pollen, mold, and pet hair. The signs and symptoms of eye allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis, include the following.


As one of the most common symptoms of eye allergies, the itching may give you an intense urge to rub your eyes, but this can actually make the itching worse.


Your eyes may appear red or bloodshot. This is due to inflammation caused by your body's immune response to the allergen.


Your eyelids may become swollen or puffy, making it hard for you to open or close your eyes.


You may experience a sensation of stinging or burning in your eyes accompanied by other symptoms.


Your eyes may produce excessive tears in response to the allergen. This can cause blurred vision or make it difficult to see clearly.

Sensitivity to light

You may experience increased sensitivity to light, which can make it uncomfortable to be outdoors or in bright environments.


You may notice a sticky or stringy discharge from your eyes. This can be the body's way of signaling an eye infection, so you must see a doctor if you experience this symptom.

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Diagnosing eye allergies

If you have eye allergy symptoms, Dr. Shakir provides allergy testing to determine your triggers. This process is painless and involves no needles or pricks, just a scratch on your skin. He tests your skin’s response to around 60 allergens specific to the lower Fairfield County and southern Westchester areas. Eye allergies aren’t the only cause of symptoms like stinging, burning, and redness. Dr. Shakir may perform an eye exam to rule out other conditions, including dry eye syndrome and viral conjunctivitis.

How your ophthalmologist treats eye allergies

Eye allergy treatment includes managing your symptoms and avoiding exposure to allergens. To treat your symptoms, Dr. Shakir may recommend the following:

  • Oral antihistamines, which control allergic reactions
  • Artificial tears eye drops, which relieve dryness and irritation
  • Antihistamine eye drops, both prescription and over the counter
  • Decongestant eye drops, which reduce redness
  • Steroid eye drops to calm severe inflammation

Dr. Shakir also guides you on avoiding allergens, which is the best way to control your symptoms and stop them from returning. For example, he may recommend taking measures to reduce the dust in your home or keeping your windows closed and using air conditioning to stop pollen from cycling in.

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Why choose Coastal Eye Surgeons to treat eye allergies?

At Coastal Eye, we pride ourselves on providing expert-level eye care in a beautiful boutique surgical suite equipped with the most advanced technologies throughout Connecticut. Not only does Dr. Omar Shakir specialize in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery, but his extensive knowledge in modern eye care also enables him to diagnose and treat all vision problems, including eye allergies.

You can rest easy in our comfortable and clean atmosphere, knowing you will receive top-quality care from compassionate surgeons. Coastal Eye serves the greater New York and Connecticut areas in our modern Greenwich and New Canaan offices, making our team a convenient choice for your regular eye care needs. Call Coastal Eye or use the online booking tool to schedule an allergy test.

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